Thoresby, Breckenbrough and Burnham Market

Thoresby Breckenbrough and Burnham Market Nicola Wilson

Pictured above: Jeremy at Burnham Market on his way to 5th place in the CCI4*S.


We’ve had a busy few weeks with Dublin and Arnie having their final Badminton runs at Thoresby, where they both had lovely double clears and top 10 finishes. They both felt great and are spending the final few weeks preparing from home, working on their fitness and polishing the areas that need tidying up. They are both competing at 5* for the first time (all being well!!) so it will be exciting to see what they think.

Coolspark Sarco (Jeremy) also had a super Thoresby finishing 11th with a smart test and DC he seems to be going from strength to strength at the moment which is exciting – I just hope it continues!!

We took the younger horses to Breckenbrough the following weekend and really did have the highs and the lows in one weekend. Jack Daniels L Z (JD) was feeling cheeky and spooked his way through the dressage and then jumped beautifully. 6yr old Cecelia Cobra (Socks) stepped up to his first novice and did a pb in the dressage by a country mile, his test really was super, leaving us all astonished and delighted with what he could do, and followed it up with a steady DC and top 10 placing. Our 5yr old Gortglass Lupin (Lupin) finished in the top 10 in the 100 which I was over the moon about, as it was a super course but very difficult for the proper babies.

Robyn also had a great ride with Jessy for a top 10 finish, and a confident ride XC for 5yr old An Ounce Of Quality (Queenie). Some other 5yr olds had little baby wobbles on the XC, so we decided to save them for another day and didn’t run the remainder. I always think that we should not be worried to go to plan B, C or D at whatever level our horses are competing at. It’s a long season and confidence is difficult to build and very quick to lose, and there’s always another day if today isn’t ours.

This weekend we went to Burnham Market where ‘April’ (Total Belief) won the OI staying on her super dressage mark.  JD had a top 10 finish in the Novice, Socks was over excited in his dressage this week and didn’t emulate his test of Breckenbrough, popping in a few extra unnecessary moves! MHS Seventeen gave me a super ride xc and was feeling fabulous when he slipped badly between fences in a combination and couldn’t recover for the final element.  Jeremy continues to feel good to finish 5th in the 4*S, just adding a couple of time faults to his super dressage test.

Thanks to Lulu Kyriacou for the lovely photos of Jeremy this weekend. The XC one made me smile, it’s the middle part of the corner, oxer, corner combination, and he was making up too much ground for the final element I felt, so was saying ‘whoa, steady’ and I love that he’s looking where I am and his left ear is listening to me! Thankfully he did steady and jumped the corner beautifully.

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