Sponsor: Verm-X

At Verm-X, we’ve always been passionate about taking a natural approach to animal health and exploring the alternatives to artificial chemical treatments. In 2000, curious to learn more, Philip Ghazala, our Founder and MD, contacted the National Institute of Medical Herbalists.

Philip discovered that, before the advent of modern pharmaceuticals in the 1930’s, herbs had been the answer for animal health and wellbeing; their natural active ingredients promoting complete health for generations.

We developed Verm-X with this natural approach in mind, a holistic answer to animal health and vitality and a mindful approach to caring for the environment.

Verm-X Original provides a naturally effective aid to gut vitality, with a wholesome list of associated benefits including improved digestion and increased energy levels. Easy to feed as a liquid, pellets, a powder or as a daily treat for dogs and cats.

To help with itching and scratching there’s Itch-Eeze for dogs, and Poultry Zest and Keep Well for a happy and healthy flock.