Sponsor: Silvermoor

Silvermoor Haylage is based in the North East of England, we have been producing haylage since 1992 and in its present form since 2005. Our roots are in farming, originally a mixed dairy farm our first diversification was into haylage for the equestrian market.

From there we have developed products and machinery and grown our team to be able to offer the range of products and services we can offer today. We are passionate about our products and proud that we have maintained our healthy ethos concentrating on delivering healthy products that work.

There is a type of Silvermoor Haylage suitable for every type of horse, from native breeds and those prone to laminitis right up to competition horses and everything in between.
We grow and process all the grass we use in our products ourselves ensuring we have total control over production and can personally guarantee every pack.

We pride ourselves on providing a high quality, consistent product that is good for your horse and provides you with peace of mind making happy owners, happy and healthy horses.