2023 Commentating Debut

Belsay Commentating (2)

Nicola was delighted to be invited to commentate alongside experienced eventing commentator, John Kyle, at Badminton Horse Trials in May 2023 – and what a great mentor he was!  This was a new venture for Nicola, and one that she enjoyed very much.

John & Nic Burghley 2023
John & Nic Burghley 2023

H&H 1 John Kyle

H&H 2 John Kyle
H&H –  John Kyle’s letter May 2023

This led to more commentating during the season at Bramham (with Nicole Brown) and Burghley (with John and Nicole) and she looks forward to more commentating in 2024.

Belsay Commentating (2)
Bramham 2023

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