10th May Update

Nicola Wilson Brush Image

Nicola was taken to Southmead Hospital in Bristol following her fall from JL Dublin at Badminton Horse Trials on Saturday 7th May where she has received outstanding care and attention from the expert team.

Nic is in intensive care and will be for the next week or so, but she is able to breathe independently and is talking.  She sustained no head injury.

There are several spinal fractures but these are all stable and will not require any surgical intervention but will be managed conservatively.  Other acute symptoms from the trauma are being managed in intensive care by the specialists at Southmead.

British Equestrian’s Athlete Health Lead Ashleigh Wallace and Chief Medical Officer Anna-Louise Mackinnon have been working with Nicola’s family and the team at Southmead to ensure all medical information is shared fully across the teams so that care and appropriate support is optimised.

Dubs is now back at Nic’s base in Yorkshire and will be monitored by the team, but appears none the worse for his fall.

Nic, Alastair and her mother Mary would like to thank the team at Southmead for everything they have done so far. They feel incredibly supported by all the well wishes and messages they have received, and really do appreciate them all.

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